Kheng’s Kopitiam


Kheng’s Kopitiam is one of the newly opened cafes located in the new commercial area called Banting Business Centre. Getting there couldn’t be simpler. If you’re travelling from Klang, go over the huge Banting bridge and take a left turn at the traffic lights right after the bridge. Then, take the first left-turn into Banting Business Centre. You’ll see a big McDonald’s outlet on your right. Kheng’s Kopitiam is at the corner lot at the end of the road. Parking is still free in the area.

Apart from the very familiar stools, this is perhaps one of the first Old Town-wannabes that has successfully differentiated itself, and has quality food to match.

Since the cafe is located at a corner lot, they’re able to utilise the space for tables,  and they did a good job with the ambience, especially at night.

The ambience is enhanced by the scenery. Day or night, each visit provides a different experience.

Out of more than 10 places that sell fantastic Nasi Lemak in Banting, this is officially my favourite! This is the Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken, one of the signature dishes. Don’t be fooled by the photo, the chicken drumstick is really huge, and the meat is tender. For me, if the sambal is not spicy enough, it’s not sambal! Kheng’s did not disappoint as the sambal is really spicy, and they added some onions that adds to the aroma and spice. If you’re into chilli, this is for you! Needless to say the rice is great and they even added a piece of papadom. For my preference, it’s way better than what is offered by Old Town Kopitiam and Alicafe.

This is the curry mee/bihun (people call it Curry Laksa here in Banting). The curry is neither too oily nor too thick so it won’t make you feel bloated afterwards, but it’s not too diluted as well. Hence it should suit most people, and I love it! The only issue is with the tofu, which is rather porous and does not retain the curry well, compared to those found in Alicafe’s Curry Mee.

The Loh Mee is quite good, judging from the steam emitting from the noodles that I can’t seem to edit off!


PROs: Great ambience, cool breeze since not surrounded by buildings, great scenery, right behind Foong’s Inn, quality food, very clean washrooms.

CONs: Waiters don’t have proper uniforms, service can sometimes be inconsistent, no wireless Internet connection.


  • Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken (RM6.90)
  • Curry Laksa (RM5.90)
  • Loh Mee (RM5.50)
  • (Iced) Kheng’s Kopi (RM2.20)
  • (Iced) Kheng’s Cham (RM2.20)
  • (Iced) Mocha/Cappucino (RM3.50)

18 thoughts on “Kheng’s Kopitiam

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  1. Will stop by at that place to try..the Nasi Lemak when..i went to PJ next Weeks…. : P

    That for the Post on Banting…i was looking for the Best Nasi Lemak…in PJ…actualy..haha

  2. yeah, the nasi lemak rendang is quite nice! but the drinks is not really gud ,thier white coffee is using 3in1 packing =.=

  3. have been there for several times. I love their “Kopi Ais” and Curry Mee. Once i went there alone just for order toasted bread. hihihi
    Nice place and suitable for family. btw,
    They have new menu ie: chicken chop. (i forgot the rest menu.)

  4. Looks like this outlet fares better than the Kota Kemuning one. They are so defensive over their mediocre food which I reviewed, as you can see from their rude & negative comments 😉 Guess some people can’t take feedback!

  5. i think the price is very reasonable. My mouth is drooling when I looked at the posters for the nasi lemak and laksa. I am planning to go down to Kheng Kopitiam at Banting to try out all the delicacies. Really can’t wait! Yummy! Yummy! Must try………

  6. im just loving the food there! apart from nasi lemak & curry laksa that everyone has mentioned above, i would like to also recommend its Hokkien Mee & Nasi Goreng, cant help going back again n again just to eat the same thing, simply scrumptious!! BRAVO, Kheng’s! omg, im hungry now~~~

  7. Though I have never been to Banting…I hope to visit this very particular place feauring Kheng Kopitiam. It gives me the feeling of a small place with various local specialities {hehe….all my favourites}..”A very Happy New Year 2010 & A Prosperous One, Of course!”

    1. I just had a chat with one of their partners who own the 2 branches (one in Banting, one in Kota Kemuning) during one of my recent visits. They seem to have a good learning attitude, and are planning to install wireless Internet connection. The reason why the toilets are so clean, is that one of the owners also deal in hygiene-based products and services. Since his clients include private hospitals, you should expect the same hygiene from the Kheng’s chain!

    2. My nieces shan and mian are also very interested to go for a short trip to Banting…A place that all of us have never been before. Even I ask my Manager who is also a malaysian…He dont even know where Banting is> What about us? I have only some vacation leave but I will hope that I will take 2 days leave and including sat and sun,,,,I will have 4 days leave to enjoy myself in Banting…But, is it easy to book for hotel rooms…cant wait to go and try your food = Kheng Kopitiam! how is business at the moment?

  8. I’ve tried that wah dan hor, (noodles with eggs?, I don’t know how to translate), but wasn’t impressed. will give other items a try.

    but it’s a nice place for chit chat.

  9. nice to see a M’sian food blog based in a quaint town, coincidentally one I’m familliar with as I visit my uncle & family who live there. great job on this blog, will be visiting more often 🙂

  10. I realy hope that we alos can feature some of Banting food: Satay, Mee Jawa, Fried koew Teow , Nasi lemak Sotong , Sunday Market – Tapai , Rojak and etc. I believe although Banting is a small but lively one.

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