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UMNO Kuala Langat For those of you who have read my previous post on Kheng’s Kopitiam, this is another “Kopitiam” which is on the other end of the row of shops. Basically when you take the left-turn into Banting Business Centre, you’ll see McDonalds on your right and MyTaste Kopitiam on your left. At first impression, you’ll see quite a lot of people especially during the weekends, and one thing catches most people’s eyes, “FREE WiFi”, which is still rather rare here in Banting. The interior deco is different from the conservative Kheng’s Kopitiam, but it looks good.

The cafe is split into 3 sections. The first is the inner section which is air-conditioned and houses the bar (where the HALAL drinks are prepared). The second is the non air-conditioned area and lastly the ever popular “open air” section for smokers. I was actually wondering why the customers with laptops are in the outer sections, so my “friend” and I went into the air-cond section only to find out why. There were 6 power sockets (3 per corner table) that are so awkwardly placed that my iBook’s plug (and most plugs) can’t be plugged-in, unless the cable runs from the upper-side of the plug instead of below.

So, we were “relocated” to THIS section!

Oh well, at least they have a proper dispenser (Kimberly Clark) loaded with proper napkins.

We ordered some drinks, and are quite happy about them. My iced tea is not too sweet, and has good aroma. Luckily they abandoned the use of carafes, which are difficult to wash and had sediments of GOD-KNOWS-WHAT at the base the last time I came here for a drink! Come on, carafes are for red wine!

One thing I discovered is that the WiFi does not belong to the cafe, but the UMNO Kuala Langat Office right above the cafe. I’m not sure if the cafe made any deals with the office, but as long as you pay your taxes, I SAY USE IT!

UPDATE: MyTaste Kopitiam now has its own dedicated Wireless Internet connection.

If you’re wondering why it took such a long time before I post any photos of the food, this is it. We came in at 4.20pm and ordered the drinks and “Nasi Lemak with Nyonya Chicken”. Time passed quickly when I was surfing and by 5.00pm, food is still not served! We summoned the waitress, and after checking she told us that they were out of Nasi Lemak. HELLO, why did you guys key in the order anyway? So I ordered “Spaghetti with Chicken-ham and Egg”, and it took another 15 minutes before it was served!

Fortunately it was quite good. The orange-red sauce tasted a bit like what you’d get from a can of baked beans (I’m not surprised if it is). It has slices of fresh tomatoes, lots of chicken slices, onions and a very nicely-done sunny-side-up. It has a balanced taste to it, is not too salty and therefore fussy-eaters should give it a try.


PROs: Slightly upper-class deco; Unique food (which I’ll certainly review later); Food is served on unique bowls and plates; Wireless Internet connection.

CONs: Cheap tables and chairs; Though waiters/waitresses wear uniforms, most are not Malaysians, can’t communicate well and are inattentive (BLUR); Very messy bar which attracts lots of house-flies (at least 20 were sticking to a piece of paper meant to trap flies); Slow service; Tables a bit too close to each other; RIDICULOUS location and position of power sockets!


-will compile a good list later-


9 thoughts on “MyTaste Kopitiam

  1. Hmm. I’d been there for a few times due to friend’s request and environment but I’m not satisfied with the food and drink especially the Honey Lemon. It’s a holy-crap SWEEEET. I ordered any plain water and add it. It took a whole glass of water to cover up the ridiculous excessive sweet taste. I like the environment, though. The Wi-Fi was quite fast and overall was okay.

    1. Depends. I was quite lucky that my drinks were not too sweet. They have a lot to improve, and the owner is quite young. The staff need training. I hate to see cafes in Banting who are so “Chinaman-like”, they just can’t wait to make money but fail to train their workers. That’s why I always suggest to have a “soft-launching” first.

  2. Waaa, i saw this place before but never had time to tried it yet..Normally when i used wi-fi at any kopitiam i never use their plug socket. i’ll make sure my macbook pro fully recharged and it will last up until 6-7 hours for internet used 🙂

    btw, it been a long time not ‘balik kampung’ at banting..:) I’m staying at Pandai Dalam now which have a lot of kopitiam there especially around bangsar area. Good to see Banting also hv their own kopitiam..:)

  3. i got the same feeling with you gan when it open , this few days duno why my friends always went there to get dinner or supper, now only i knew that it’s improve alot!Especially the food i recomand TOMYAM and any Szling BLACKPAPPER , i can see they edy hired malay waitress the service is much better right now.

  4. i had just visit it yesterday.i had order a bucket rice number 17 + a choclate milk shake it’s quite nice can try it ! mr julian sorry for my broken english i need to give some comment here.i work at funiture shop at outstation the table and chair is good quality per chair if nop wrong is rm200+ each and the bar inside car seat is using good quality wood custom made.well, great to see banting got this kind of kopitiam .5 star envorment +3star cheap and good

  5. i have tried their menu but unfortunately the food not so good as their place.. huhuuuu..
    I went with my husband and daughter.

    We ordered Bucket Rice (with seafood), nasi lemak, toasted bread + kaya, ice cappucino & ice lemon tea. I was really upset with my Bucket Rice because it’s just a common fried rice added with 3 shrimps. Different from the menu’s photo. My husband also complaint his nasi lemak. No taste at all. He said he prefered nasi lemak from “gerai tepi jalan”. The waiter also “blur”. I hope they can improve their menu and service.

  6. hi ieja, the bucket rice i recommand u other the xofriend rice and another with chicken that 1.the nasi lemak i only try b4 the sambal petai and nyonya chicken ,but is quite nice for me.. mayb u can try those what i advise ^^ but when u went it?the service is much better like last time when they opening .

    1. LOL I thought I already told you, when I commented on one of your posts? Battery life getting shorter, now exceeded 420 charges.

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