Sayang Manis (I)


Although it’s already 2009, in as little as 5 years ago, charging more than RM5 for food is considered a suicide move for businesses here in Banting. That didn’t stop an entrepreneur from starting a premium restaurant – Sayang Manis (“Sayang” means affection and “Manis” means sweet in Bahasa Malaysia) – back in the 1990’s, and I remember my few visits there as a child. The ambience was terrific as it was cosy. Because it was situated on the upper floors of a typical Malaysian shoplot, it has unparalleled privacy and a sense of exclusivity. It soon became a popular spot for young couples to have dates there. In around 2000, they decided to change the location to a new row of shops and repositioned it as a family restaurant. I still remember my friends and I used to frequent that place after we had our tuitions at a nearby institution. The owner of the restaurant even asked us for our opinions regarding new signature dishes, which are still available today. Make no mistake, if you want to open a restaurant or cafe selling western food in Banting, this is the most formidable competitor, and you will lose.

While not exactly original, this is one of their signature dishes, Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce. My friends and I once gave lots of comments about how it can be improved, and this is the end result. It’s selling very well until today. While I was enjoying my meal, two separate families came in, and there were 5 orders of this Chicken Chop. This dish costs RM11.90, which is great value for money. The meat is pan-grilled, and the sauce is not too spicy. The potato “wedges” are crispy outside and very tender inside, and the side dishes are very edible. Even the broccoli, sweetcorn and carrots are freshly boiled.

Nasi LemakThis is another signature dish. Their nasi lemak is one of the most popular in Banting. At RM6.90 (same as Kheng’s and MyTaste), this has the largest portion and the BEST Rendang Chicken!

For your information, this restaurant is frequented by local government officials during lunch breaks. It is certified halal and insider-information (Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat) confirms that there shouldn’t be any “was-was”.


Sayang Manis offers quality food at a reasonable price. I see no reason why you should visit the newly opened Secret Recipe (which charges a premium), when I daresay Sayang Manis offers BETTER FOOD. The food preparation section can be seen by customers, and the kitchen is very clean. Even the washroom feels a little high-end.  If you want to have a reunion or a party, you can book the even more exquisite section upstairs for the occasion. Plus, a decade-strong track record is a statement by itself. Sayang Manis also has a branch at Kota Kemuning, called “Tropical Secret” overlooking a lake and from what I’ve heard, has an open air tropical ambience to it. I certainly look forward to bringing my friends there for a visit.

PROs: Quality, affordable food; Family-oriented; Clean kitchen and washrooms; Superb service; Strong track record.

CONs: No music (BRING BACK THE JUKEBOX!!!); Or could just put a speaker set with an iPod chained to it.


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  1. suddenly i miss sayang manis.. the porridge also not bad! (braces girl cant eat hard food that time). thanks for your recommendation.

    p/s: love your photos~ *wink*

  2. hi Julian, the other day we went to your famous beggar chicken but disappointment because you have to pre book. Maybe you can blog a little about this famous place in your town.

    1. Hi YK, yes have to prebook at least a few days before. so, did you guys jadi makan that day? actually the chicken is not that nice anyway, the duck is good though. and you can call the fish. will blog about it the next time my family eats there. it’s nothing special to us, it’s just that they have a unique way of cooking the food. thanks for the comment!

      1. Dear YK,
        there is a more convenient option. There is another restaurant nearby which is called “海皇“.It’s located just before the famous beggar’s chicken. It’s a seafood restaurant actually. You don’t have to pre-book for their beggar’s chicken. However, I’ve yet to try their beggar’s chicken yet.

  3. I believe that I was the most loyal customer of Sayang Manis… HEhhhehe. Known this place since last 13 years. The owner was friendly and they have cozy restaurant. I like their Chicken Chop with Black Paper and Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang. 😛

  4. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
    I have never really visited Banting – just passed through on the way to Tg Sepat, hehe! Will try this Sayang Manis place if i do visit the town – looks like they serve all the right comfort food!

  5. wit wit….Buat masa nie SAYANG MANIS saje di dalam hati…baik untuk kami sekeluarga mahu pun kami di office. Kami semua gile tau.kadang2 1 minggu sampai 2 kali pegi.Crazy very Crazy.kami dah cuba western food di luar tapi tak sama seperti di SAYANG MANIS. Suami saya tak boleh dengar saya makan dengan officemate di SAYANG MANIS, so jelouse….lepastu dia mesti ajak saya pergi makan punya.

    Menu sentiasa update so tak boring.

  6. Pertama kali datang town Banting dengan contractor tahun 2009 untuk some renovation works, pusing -pusing cari cafe untuk lunch di Pekan Banting, nampak Sayang Manis, singgah untuk makan. Kita bertiga ordered Cappacino and Mee Bandung. After 10 minutes, our Cappacino sampai, luckily tak sempat nak minum, ternampak kaki LIPAS terapung on my Cappacino drink, i tanya waitress (indonesian girl)what happenned to my drink, she said sudah lama tidak cuci mesin kopi tu kak, she offered to change other drink, anyway kita bertiga keluar dan terus ke Mc- D. Nak termuntah rasanye, tiada JAKIM certificate, kaki lipas pada minuman tak halal namenye, staff pula tiada Typhod jap, dinasihatkan dapatkan JAKIM certificate dahulu sebelum berniaga. Simpatilah pada pelanggan Islam. Terimakasih.

  7. bad service &slow action
    cust service not friendly
    serving food very late……tq

    hope can settle the problem as soon as posible

  8. really appreciate to Julian Gan.
    We were shock when We read this blog.
    thanks for supporting restaurant Sayang Manis.
    by the way, We Would like to apologize to Adnan and fiz for the bad services. We will take into consideration.
    We will keep improve the foods and services.
    Appreciate that.

    :Restaurant Sayang Manis

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