Uncle Yam Kopitiam (Hainan)


With the Kopitiam-craze in Malaysia, this is actually the first “Kopitiam” to open in Banting. It is situated quite strategically in the heart of the busiest and oldest commercial centres in town. Finding it wouldn’t be hard, as you can refer to the map attached below.

One of the most interesting thing about this particular cafe is the price. The food and beverages are so cheap, and the restaurant is so huge, you wonder if they actually make any money at all. For your information, there are many chinese businesspeople here in Banting who deal with gambling and lottery business, as well as smuggling. Therefore there are many businesses that act just as an establishment to avoid suspicion of the authorities. I’m not sure whether this is one of them.

However, I think charging such low prices for quality stuff is something like charity. You make money out of shady activities, and then you please the community. Hey, I’m OK with that!

The one thing you notice when you enter is that the restaurant took 2 shoplots combined, and it has an outdoor section and an indoor section. There are many power sockets available for you to charge your laptop as you surf, though you need to pay a flat rate of RM1 to use. The wireless Internet connection is speedy, and business has been gaining ground since the last time I paid a visit here! The restaurant has been at almost full capacity since my 2 recent visits this month. They have also introduced new creations into their menu.






I bumped into my former secondary school teacher, Mr Lim Meng Kooi here. He was meeting with his students to discuss a trip somewhere.



Although it says “No Alcohol. No Beef. No Pork”, it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% Halal. For those of you who don’t mind, I highly recommend you to try the drinks which should be halal anyway.

Christmas Tree

Christmas came early!

Creamy Nesnila

This is their “Creamy Nesnila”, which is a basically Nescafe with a touch of vanilla. It’s actually quite good. Price: RM2.50

Milo Choco Rich

They call this “Milo Choco Rich”, which is a mix of Milo and quality cocoa powder. It tastes better than Alicafe’s Oligococo, to be honest, and it won’t make you feel bloated like Oligococo. The frothy top makes it look really classy. Price: RM2.50

Chicken Chop with Emperor Noodles

This is one of their older creations, “Chicken Chop with Emperor Noodles”. It’s quite plain to be honest, and rather too light on taste. Suitable for those who prefer light meals. Price: RM4.50

Hainan Chicken Chop

I saved the best for last. This is one of their latest creations, “Hainan Chicken Chop”. What’s special is the sauce. It is tomato-based sweet & sour sauce, with lots of onions and mixed vegetables. The side-dishes are typical. Traditionally, this sauce is used for pork-chops. I feel that it fits just great with chicken as well!


Uncle Yam Kopitiam offers perhaps some of the most unique food and beverages here in Banting, at an unbelievable average price of RM4.50 for food and RM2.50 for drinks. According to the certificate by the local authorities (Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat), this is a restaurant with Grade-A cleanliness. The washrooms are huge, clean and comfy. The wireless Internet connection is fast, since they change the password everyday to avoid unauthorized users outside of their premises. It is spacious, and you can have conversations comfortably here.

PROs: Quality, unique food; Clean premises; Spacious environment; Air-Conditioned; Fast Internet connection; Unbelievable prices.

CONs: Is this a non-profit restaurant???


12 thoughts on “Uncle Yam Kopitiam (Hainan)

    1. but no one wants to be a loss leader for over a year! that’s how long they’ve been operating. although business has been brisk nowadays, which is good.

  1. cikgu lim!! waa.. suddenly i miss my old school ! haha..

    seriously, the prices are so cheap!! i wonder if i open a restaurant with that price, would i gain some profit? ( except for restaurant city la – sedang gile main ni sekarang. hahaha )

  2. Jumped from Zidni’s blog.

    Hmm, Bangi should have one of those. I’d be a daily patron. Good quality and comfort for cheap prices I mean, not the possible shadiness.

    (Then again, I heard some little birdie saying our current office is moving to Banting..hmmm)

    1. That’ll be cool. I’ve been to Bangi several times, and I believe the average prices for food and beverages are around the same. It’s actually smaller here compared to Bangi, and a little busier. Hope to hear from you soon, and do subscribe to receive future updates.

  3. They’ve been operating for over a year? Well, well, somebody is making a breakthrough in kopitiam business model. I agree with pb. Bangi should have one of those. I’ll consider it a regular place to catch up with friends over coffee

  4. Wow, this place looks nice.. Students like me NEED a place like this to hangout or just to go online.. Not many kopitiam I’ve been to is this spacious. And the food and drinks are quite affordable too! I wish KJ has a place like this..

  5. Hi ..
    First of all, i like to take this opportunity to thank all that openly released their comments on UncleYam Kopitiam, especially to Julian Gan that did a good studies on the F&B that served in this Restaurant and the Banting town itself..
    Personally i felt this is a wonderful information press that bring many of us to realize, to understand and to introduce ours’ lovely Banting Town to the world that has no end.

    Since i m freshly informed about this press this afternoon, i am kind of wondering what to say and and how to define more about my restaurant , but i m here to receive any comments, any questionaires with my open heart.

    We are still in the process of learning, improving and providing the best serving to the community of Banting.

    Thank you….
    Albert wong

    1. Hi Albert. Are you the owner of the restaurant? Thanks for the compliments by the way. I personally feel that UncleYam Kopitiam has improved a lot. Last time, I remember the drinks were too diluted/”watery” and are not tasty enough. That was many months ago. I feel that the drinks are really good now, and for RM2.50, it’s very good value for money. Perhaps if I may suggest, you can put in a few coffee tables and sofas to make it look more warm and comfortable. With so much extra space, you can also put one corner with tall stools and a long table, for those who come alone and need to have a drink or surf the web. Do visit the blog again soon for more updates.

  6. A suggestion. Would you consider to have a go at some of those really original Hainanese Chicken Chop shop that is still operating in Banting Town. There are 2 of them and its a dying trade and i can vouch that the chicken chop is anytime the best in Banting. One of the shop called Ah Chiew Restaurant and the other is called Ah Cheen Restaurant. Both shops are on the same row as Kim’s Florist..

    Have fun searching.

    Oh yah…they are halal, and their Kopi “o” is heavenly.

  7. Thank you for share all the information about your place. It would be helpful if you add a blog with tourism related to Banting… thanks Aadam, from Bangalore..

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