Banting Business Centre & Mohideen Curry House

Just recently, I decided to do a more complete coverage of the new commercial area in town, Banting Business Centre. It says “Pusat Perdagangan Banting” at the front, which is what you’ll see when you reach here, but at the back – hidden since it’s a car-park space – it says “Banting Business Centre”. Another “brilliant” job done by the civil engineers at Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat, who screwed up on a simple job enlarging a drain near my house, and end up having to redo everything again because “the elevation of the new drain does not allow water to flow in the proper direction”. That was 3 weeks ago, and it’s still not completed today.

Anyway, let’s go to the more positive side of this area. As you take a left turn into the centre, this is what you see on your left:

UMNO Kuala Langat

As I mentioned in some of the posts before, My Taste Kopitiam is situated right below the UMNO Kuala Langat office. My recent visit there confirms that My Taste is no longer dependent on UMNO’s wireless Internet connection, as they now have their own, although the line drops rather frequently.


On your right is an extremely large area dedicated to McDonalds. Yes, Banting has McDonalds, apart from Pizza Hut, Marry Brown and 2 KFC outlets. From its launch in late 2008 until recently, it’s the slowest McDonalds outlet in Peninsula Malaysia, and possibly the whole world. I will do another visit soon to photograph the interior and do a more comprehensive coverage. Hopefully the service has improved.


This is basically the entire street. The other street which is on the other side facing the main road doesn’t have anything much yet, although there is a new Bank Islam right behind My Taste Kopitiam. You can see Kheng’s Kopitiam at the end of the street, with a huge round signboard on top. Parking is still free so far.

Mohideen Curry House

After some photographing and walking around, I decided to settle down for dinner at a humble-looking mamak shop, which I’ve noticed to be quite popular at night. I was not disappointed.

Inside Mohideen

Fried Mee

I took the Mee Goreng, which was quite spicy and dry, which really suits my taste since I love spicy food, and I prefer my noodles dry a la Penang Char Kuey Teow style. At night, I went out for a drink with an old friend, and we ended up in the same place. Photos below are what we took for supper, just 2 hours after my dinner!

Fried Meehoon @ Mohideen

Fried Kuey Teow @ Mohideen

There’s nothing much for me to comment on the Pros and Cons of this shop, since most people already know what to expect from a mamak shop. If you love spicy food and the usual mamak-stuff, this is one of the best Banting has to offer! Price is reasonable, and the drinks are not overly sweet. A perfect place to start – and end – your day.


2 thoughts on “Banting Business Centre & Mohideen Curry House

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  1. Gosh this Mohideen Curry house is a scam. Now you don’t hear a lot of people say mamak shop is scam…

    the thing is… once i went there with my friiends, 4 of us, makan for breakfast…

    damn when the bill arrived, it totaled for rm28, and i was like what the…

    the correct amount was 17 dollars, so i didn’t give face (bagi muka) straightaway asked the fler to recount or we leave.

    Almost everytime I went there was always an error in the bill… oways overcharged… OMG… if i go there iw ould be really careful when billing.

  2. Mohideen Curry house has about 3 branch’s in Banting. I have been a regular for the past 6 years. Never once had any issues with the bill. Best place in town for mamak mee goreng and maggie goreng !!

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