McDonald’s Banting

McDonald's Banting

For no apparent reason, some of my friends have been bugging me to write a post about McDonald’s in Banting, just to show that Banting is a fast-developing town. Below is a map that will guide you to Banting Business Centre, which is too new that it’s not shown on the aging Google Maps. Just follow the directions there, and the destination would be on your left.

Since it has already been many months since I’ve dined here (I usually prefer the drive-thru), I was really hoping that the service has improved, and there would be no such silly mistakes as:

  • Forgetting to issue a receipt (drive-thru)
  • Packing the wrong stuff to a customer
  • Forgetting packets of chilli sauce for take-away orders
  • Extremely slow service

McDonald's Twilight


I have no idea why this outlet practices this system, in which:

  1. The cashier keys in an order for customer 1, then pushes the customer’s tray aside;
  2. Keys in an order for customer 2, then does the same thing;
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for customer 3;
  4. And then 2 employees (or more) would work on the 3 customers’ orders simultaneously.

While this system may be more efficient for the workers to work on 3 orders simultaneously, it keeps the 4th customer waiting (along with everyone in the line), and if you’re customer 1, God bless you! Once in a while, they would screw up a customer’s order by packing the wrong stuff. I’m not sure whether or not McDonald’s Banting is the only McDonald’s outlet in Malaysia that does this, but many of us in Banting agree that this is the SLOWEST McDonald’s, at least in Klang Valley!

It could be that the place is understaffed. Only 2 worked in the kitchen, 4 in the cashier-cum-food preparation, 1 for drive-thru. This was 4pm, although I know that by dinner time, there would be 2 persons handling the drive-thru, otherwise someone might report to that we have a major traffic jam leading to McDonald’s Banting!

At least for KFC, a cashier would key in an order for a customer, and then would go straight into working on the order. This simple system keeps the service time of each customer consistent, and that orders would not mess up.

Service Speed

Thank God I was customer #2 today, but guess my waiting time? I would be rather pissed, if it weren’t for an adorable cashier Fieza who worked on my order.


The interior deco was rather unique, and at one corner there’s a small “playground” for your kids, and a small section that can accommodate larger crowds or celebrations. I reckon it could fit around 20+ people.

Open-Air Section

There’s an open-air section for smokers or for those simply prefer the cool night breeze.

Rentokil Lights

When it first opened, there were so many houseflies that I ended up writing – in their feedback form – that this place would fail it’s cleanliness tests by Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat, unless they install some of these stuff to kill the bugs. It’s nice to see they listened, and installed not 1, but 4 of these. Occasionally you would still see a few houseflies, but nothing serious.


A Malaysian Culture

When will we Malaysians learn to be more civic minded like the Japanese? I recall taking the Japanese high-school students for a tour around KL, and they would clear up their own tables as they leave.


If not for the small sign there, I would not have noticed that they’ve finally installed the “Holy Grail” of cafes and restaurants: Wi-Fi! Alright, now there’s 4 places that I know of offering wireless Internet connectivity.


13 thoughts on “McDonald’s Banting

  1. mcD already got wifi? heaven!! haha..

    actually, the ‘keys in order, push the tray aside’ system can be seen not only at banting’s outlet. even kl central, bts, also use the system. u have to wait tapi tak lama sangatla..

    yes japanese do clean up their own table by themself. i salute them. ‘maybe’ malaysian ‘will do’ the same if mcd
    put some ‘sign’ like what ikea did.

    oh, ok. even ikea also have the same problems sometimes! =)

  2. ya….i was a victim of wrongly packed stuff in a drive thru@Juru…i ordered mcchicken n tey stuffed me bigmac…te worst part was it was during te nite…n te interior of car was dark…n i ony realised it bak at home…was a waste as i dont take beef…lesson of the day
    regarding the operation system…”pushing trays aside”…ter r few outlets which practises this : at aeon jusco seberang perai city, n kelana jaya( next to KK kelana jaya)…once i ended up at the wrong was the ‘tray aside’ counter..

  3. me myself, once worked @McD as part timers..
    back then, about 4years before, the system in servicing customer, is not like they are practising nowadays.. Each cashier need to serve one customer in a minute.. not more than that…”hustle”.. dats the best word to describe old days cashier..Frankly, those old service styles are better than the one you described..

  4. ramai yang dah tak suka sangat nak lepak di mcd banting..kurang memuaskan..tempat cantik pun tak berbaloi dengan perkhidmatan yang diberikan!

    1. Hi Vincent,
      This blog has been left neglected quite a while with some e-cobwebs, so do forgive my late reply. Yes, I’m her youngest brother, now working in SG.

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