Happy New Year! “banting town”, “khengs kopitiam”, “banting selangor” dominates search engine keywords

As of 2 January 2009, barely 2 months after its first activity, Banting.Wordpress.com exceeds 3000 pageviews. Though facebook is still one of the main referrers, more than 50% of traffic to this blog comes from search engine results, mostly from Google and Yahoo. Keywords such as “banting town”, “kheng kopitiam”, “khengs kopitiam”, “banting selangor”, “majlis perbandaran banting” (actually it should be Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat), “nice food in banting”, “uncle yam kopitiam”, “sayang manis” and all other weird keywords top the charts for linking into this blog. Through these keywords, Banting.Wordpress.com actually appears in the top 3 of the search results, which is FANTASTIC! Keep it up, and we might even draw in some potential investors into the area.

Banting already has a few higher learning institutes, like Institut Latihan Perindustrian (ILP), Kolej Mara Banting, Kolej Komuniti Banting, and the upcoming matriculation college which has a super-large real estate! I will do a fair coverage of all these places soon, and hope the young leaders of tomorrow will see an opportunity of a good, affordable education in Banting, even when they may not do so well in school.

Happy New Year 2010, and may the year turn out to be the best!


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year! “banting town”, “khengs kopitiam”, “banting selangor” dominates search engine keywords

  1. I’ve been living in Banting since 1984. I’ve seen it has progress since then. However what is most dissapointing is the state of the town bus station. I can say that the facilities is far more worse than a third world country. Why don’t you do a coverage of the town bus station better if after a heavy down pour so that the pot holes can be clearly visible.What the young leaders of tommorow would like to see is a good facility where they are comfortable while waiting for their bus.

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