Pui Kia Bak Kut Teh (Non-Halal)

I guess I owe many readers this particular interesting subject, especially the Chinese readers of this blog whom have been asking about the many famous “Bak Kut Teh” shops in Banting. Well, here it is.

This is one of the many shops that my parents and their close friends frequent almost every morning! One of the main reasons is that the chef – whom we call “Pui Kia” (Fat Boy in Hokkien) – is one of the most versatile chefs around. Besides Bak Kut Teh, he also prepares some very good Bitter Gourd Pork Soup (Sak Bak), fish and green vegetables. This is perhaps one of the greatest strengths of this shop, since most shops selling Bak Kut Teh only serves, well, Bak Kut Teh!

For those of you with a certain fear of such shops in Banting, it’s nice to know that the owner of this shop keeps the utensils and surroundings clean. You’d be surprised that the kettles are very well-scrubbed, you’d think they are new!

Pui Kia keeps many claypots with various sizes, some of which are reserved to cook only specific kinds of soup.

The vegetables look relatively fresh, with a good variety for you to choose from.

When I asked Pui Kia what the name of this soup is, he had no idea! It’s a recipe he just thought of trying. There’s minced pork and fish fillet in the soup which is enhanced by tomatoes, some vegetables, beancurd, a few slices of bitter gourd, slices of green chilli for added aroma, and a special ingredient which really made this soup a unique treat – lime juice! The soup has a good aroma yet not overbearing, and my family practically licked the pot clean (most of which is my job)!

The fish looks fresh!

As a conclusion, this is a shop worth going to on a daily basis, since you can just ask the chef to “cook up something new”. Some of the stuff that my family – and many others – have tried before, and RECOMMEND:

  • Chicken Soup (Herbal)
  • Sweetcorn Soup
  • Bitter Gourd Soup (Signature)
  • Seaweed Soup

You may need to reserve/pre-order (except for the Bitter Gourd Soup) with the chef a day before to allow him to obtain the ingredients needed for certain soups. Prices are of course, very reasonable, since we’re talking about Banting!


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  1. wow. great site you have. Are you from Banting? hoping to see more from you. This shop was previously located further down the road, but still on Jalan Teluk Bunut, right opposite a car workshop , Extreme Power. I think the new location is better. but I haven’t been there ever since it moved.


  2. I have heard so much about Banting and the Kheng Kopitiam in Banting! I have very much wish to go there and have a good look but , at the moment I am not able to do so. I wish in the near future, I would be able to go and taste the food and take photos . I wish to experience the life at Banting! I have heard that Banting is very serene and the surrounding is just like home welcoming…..Hmmmmm, let me see….when will I be able to go?Long to go! WORK HARD AND BE POSITIVE AND YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOAIL!

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