Liang Kim Restaurant (non-halal)

This is one of those typical Chinese restaurants that have an extensive menu, being able to cook almost anything (edible) imaginable – Kam Heong, Salted Egg, Kung Po, Sweet & Sour, Marmite, whatever – so don’t expect a comprehensive first-review.

The presentation, like most Chinese restaurants here, could do a lot better but bear in mind you’re in Malaysia anyway, so in the end, it’s the taste that matters.

A long list of stuff you can order (basically everything)We ordered the Lemon Chicken, Long Beans with Sambal, Deep Fried Beancurd and Kung Po Squid.

Lemon ChickenKung Po SquidFamily Meal at Liang Kim RestaurantThe Lemon Chicken is pretty decently cooked and quite flavourful, while the Long Beans with Sambal is relatively crunchy and not so oily (which I like). The beancurd looks pale and unappetizing, but the taste is alright. The squid was recommended to us, but this is the first time I’ve seen such an oily version of Kung Po, though the taste is not bad if you love spicy food.

Do give it a try whenever you guys are around town, and when you do, you might want to request for “less oil”.


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