Getting Here

Attached is a map which shows the directions to Banting. Basically it shows you the direction if you’re coming from KESAS Highway, take the left turn which has the “Banting” roadsign. From there, it’s straight all along, just follow the road. This map will bring you right to the center of Banting Town, called “Banting Sentral” or better known as “Galian City”.


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  1. Hello, I am trying to get from Singapore to Banting (by bus or by train). Do you recommend taking a bus to KL or to Klang, and then a bus to Banting? How long does it take to go from KL or Klang to Banting, and does the bus run frequently? If there is a specific bus company that you recommend that would be great.
    Thanks a lot,

    1. hi wendy,
      take bus from KL and then to Klang, from Klang take bus directly to Banting. from KL to Klang should be around 1 hour, and from Klang to Banting around 1 hour as well. the bus quite frequently, u will see many bus to banting when u reach Klang Bus Station. Try RapidKL or Cityliner

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